2The German NGO “International Children Help (ICH e.V.) has been currently in partnership with TEERE as the local implementing partner to construct a children’s ward for the Bongo District Hospital. The lack of a children’s ward dominated the maiden edition of TEERE’s flagship good governance project dubbed TEERE Local Government Forum (TLGF) in the Bongo District. Follow ups made by TEERE revealed there is indeed no children’s ward in the hospital. The hospital administration is compelled 16to admit children into the women’s ward. The women’s ward already is in a very deplorable state and congested which forces the hospital administration to pair two or three children on single beds with the intension to save lives at the expense of best practices.

13The CEO of TEERE Prof. Avea Nsoh and the Principal Advisor who also doubles as the ICH Ambassador to Ghana Mr. Gerhard Lauth were briefed on the challenges of the hospital administration. The withdrawal of the service and the donor prove fund about six (6) years ago has taken a heavy toll on the administration of the hospital. As such the hospital is operated on internally generated funds to procure both drugs and non-drug services. The hospital heavily relies on the reimbursement of National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) claims to run the activities of the hospital. Unfortunately, this source of funding is highly unreliable since government currently owes hospitals an arrears not less than a year and four months NHIS claims. In effect, there is no means to renovate the dilapidated women’s ward that accommodates both children and women not to talk of the construction of a new children’s ward. At the moment the hospital is dependent on donor support without which the whole medical system can grind to a halt. The tour of the hospital revealed the unfriendly conditions under which the staff work and patients are cared for.

6ICH e.V. is committed in principle to financing the building of a new children’s ward however due to the quantum of money involved is currently working with TEERE on a possible partnership with “BENGO” to seek co funding from the German government to execute this project. ICH e.V. is also committed to supplying the Bongo Hospital with medical suppliers such as medicines. The administration of the Bongo Hospital plays a critical role in the development of the proposals for funding.

5The TLGF project conceptualizes that if development is meant to benefit the local people then they must play a critical role in the planning and its implementation. The local community members have identified their own problem which TLGF gave them the platform to be brought out. The ultimate aim of the TLGF project is to ensure good governance to enhance the delivery of better public goods. In the nearest future we hope to give the children of Bongo a better health service delivery as a result of the maiden TLGF in Bongo.

3What follows now is in close consultation with the Management of the Bongo District Hospital to diligently prepare an application for BENGO funds to be submitted in Germany.

ICH – Inter-NATIONAL CHILDREN Help e.V. has been founded on September 29. in 2005 with the objective both national and international to support children in need by material or financial expenses or personal supporting company

Similar to TEERE’s motto „It’s the people that count“ the motto of ICH e.V. is :„People are at the focus“ whereby the activities have been concentrated to children in need irrespective of person, complexion, origin and nationality.

ICH e.V.’s activities have been monitored constantly by a board.

President of ICH e.V. is Dr. Dieter Kindermann.

ICH Homepage: int-children-help.de.